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From: Gabriel Grey

Las Vegas, NV, USA
My man,

The time has come...

SOCIAL HACKER SUMMIT is going LIVE this coming June 7th & 8th in LAS VEGAS, NV, USA.

Come to the BEST CITY for game to hang out with and learn from the TOP PUA COACHES and INSTRUCTORS in the world to learn REAL GAME and pick up the HOTTEST girls from around the world.

The #1 BIGGEST problem guys face while trying to learn pickup is that they they DON’T surround themselves with guys who have already mastered it out so they can watch, learn, and engage with them.

Instead they chode around watching free videos from different people with conflicting advice. Then they go out with their local pua community guys or “normal” friends, running around trying random things with a vague understanding of how pickup ACTUALLY works.

Ultimately, they NEVER get good.

As a pickup coach, it PAINS me to watch guys who COULD get good, WANT to get good, and TRY to get good but never do.

Most guys who get into pickup…
  •  They don’t have anyone good to model and learn from besides the cherry-picked “infield flashy clips” they see on YouTube
  •  They never find out what *REAL* pickup looks like, reinforcing bad habits and misconceptions that moves them in the wrong direction
  • They never meet serious wings with good skill sets to game with and learn from
  • They never have anyone good watch them closely *in-person* that can help with their game LIVE so they can improve their pickups in real-time
  • They decide that pickup “isn’t real” and eventually quit NEVER achieving the dating life they want
  • They literally live out the rest of their lives NEVER knowing what was really possible for them and missing out on a life of amazing results and experiences with women
Like I said, as a pickup coach, it is EXTREMELY PAINFUL to see guys not reaching their full potential in this specific area of their lives...

This is EXACTLY why I put together “SOCIAL HACKER SUMMIT.”

Social Hacker Summit is a FULL WEEKEND of learning *REAL* game, winging with the best PUA's & picking up the hottest girls in the #1 best city for game... LAS VEGAS.

Social Hacker Summit includes…
  • A FULL WEEKEND Of Talks & Workshops So You Can Learn *REAL* Game And Get The Girls You’ve Always Wanted
  • DIRECT ACCESS To Speakers & Coaches Who Specialize In Pickup, Dating & Self-Development Who Will Teach You How To Get The Results You Want Out Of Life
  • TIPS & INSIGHTS On How To Game Girls In "Pickup Mecca" Of The World In Las Vegas
  • LIVE TRAINING On Winging Ethics, Strategies & Tactics
  • An UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE That Is Guaranteed To Leave You A Different Person
  • And Much Much More!
I wanted to take the guys who in my opinion are the *BEST* players, coaches, and instructors in the community to teach you *LIVE* and *IN-PERSON* how they get with the hottest women in the *BEST CITY* in the world for game.

Imagine This…

Imagine being in Vegas with some of the best pickup artists in the community, hanging out, gaming, and having the best time of your life gaming, pulling, and sleeping with girls hotter than the ones in your hometown (seriously).

That’s the reality of Social Hacker Summit.

Imagine leaving Vegas with all the key mindsets, strategies, and techniques you need to get the girls you want in your hometown that leaves your ex-girlfriends jealous, your friends envious, and your family confused on how much you’ve changed in such a short period of time.

Here’s the simple 3-step process to get your ticket NOW:

Step #1 - Click the big orange button below

Step #2 - Enter in your best email address

Step #3 - Get your ticket before they’re ALL SOLD OUT!

Oh yeah, that’s one thing I forgot to mention…

We are limiting seats to 100 people only as we want this to be a small, PRIVATE event for the most dedicated, committed, and SERIOUS action-takers in the community.

As opposed to an event filled with hundreds of guys you never get to know, we want this Social Hacker Summit event to be for the select few – the ones who want to learn, practice, and master *REAL GAME*... Who want to develop REAL RELATIONSHIPS with their wingman that goes beyond just wanting to get girls together.

If you are one of those guys, click the button below *NOW.*

To also reward the fast action-takers, we are having an *EARLY BIRD SPECIAL DISCOUNT* on tickets (50% Off!) for a VERY limited time, so definitely take advantage while you still can.
The Speakers
The Best PUA, Dating & Self-Development
Coaches From Around The World...
Gabriel Grey
Executive Instructor
Surgical Pickup
Alex Vilenchik
Tinder Dating Expert
Playing With Fire
Andrew Mioch
CEO & Head Coach
Sexual Quantum Leap
Executive Instructor
Surgical Pickup
Executive Instructor
Surgical Pickup
To Be Announced
To Be Announced
To Be Announced
** Want To Be A Speaker At Social Hacker Summit? **
Unlike your typical "Rah! Rah!" conference, Social Hacker Summit is a FULL WEEKEND of strictly-actionable, tested, proven, and tactical content.

So, if you have a talk that will make people drool, then we would love to talk to you. Apply today to speak at Social Hacker...
Our community currently has OVER 3,500+ active members...
But We ONLY Have 100 Tickets. 
So, BEST CASE scenario, less than 3% of our active members can come.

Tickets will sell out... 

So, if you know that you've been called to be there... 

If you KNOW that you want learn directly from the best PUA's & master *REAL* game with the hottest girls...

Then get your ticket now. It may not be here tomorrow.
Special Bonus: First 25 People ONLY...
If You Are One Of The First 25 People Who Buys A Ticket For This Year's Social Hacker Summit, You Will Get A Copy Of The ULTIMATE Guide To Vegas Game That Has EVERYTHING I Learned About How To Crush It In "Sin City."
Again, This Is ONLY For
The First 25 People!
Before You Come To This Years Event... Read This Guide To Ensure That You CRUSH It While You're In The #1 BEST City For Game...
In case you didn’t know, I lived in Vegas for an entire sex-filled summer and met all the insiders and learned all the ins-and-outs and secrets to doing Vegas RIGHT when it came to LIVING and GAMING there.

There are SO MANY weird hacks, trips, tricks, loopholes, and cheats to the city it's not even fair.

That’s why I put together “The ULTIMATE Guide To Vegas Game” to make sure you get the absolute most value and experience possible during the Summit event and any time you decide to come back in the future.

It is my PERSONAL guide on how to run “Vegas Game” with all the tips and insights that enabled me to pull virtually EVERY NIGHT I went out (my students from that time can attest to this).

With this guide, you will be able to hack “The Mecca Of Pickup” and squeeze out every single drop of value from the city possible…

All of this for FREE.

“The ULTIMATE Guide To Vegas Game” is offered NOWHERE ELSE and is only available to the first 25 people who get their Social Hacker Summit seat for this year.

Click the button below NOW to lock in your Social Hacker Summit seat + “The ULTIMATE Guide To Vegas Game”:
Thanks again, and we're SO excited to see you at the event!
Gabriel Grey
P.S. - I almost forgot to mention, right now we have our "early bird" pricing on this page. When the "early bird" period ends, then we're going back to full price. So NOW is the time to lock in your tickets before this price is gone forever.

P.P.S. - You've got to admit after watching the video... this isn't just any normal "pickup" event...

This is not JUST about picking up girls... this is about BECOMING who you need to be, so you can GET and KEEP the girls you've always wanted, LIVE the life you always wanted, and ultimately REACHING your full potential.

We're here to help you get there. Come and join us at this years Social Hacker Summit.
Early Bird Special Discount (50% OFF) Ends Soon.
Don't Wait – Buy Now!
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Social Hacker Summit Event FAQ's...
What Are The Dates For "Social Hacker Summit 2019"?
Registration and the actual event kicks off on June 7th and concludes on June 8th in Las Vegas, NV. We recommend that you arrive in Vegas on the June 6th and leave Vegas on June 9th so we can all go out together.
Where Is The Venue For The Event?
The event will be hosted in Las Vegas near the strip. The exact venue of the event is still being finalized and will be released soon.
I'm Trying To Book My Travel. What Times Do I Need To Know About?
The event will take place all day on June 7th & 8th, so it is recommended that you arrive in Vegas on the June 6th and leave Vegas on June 9th. The actual schedule of the speakers, talks, and workshops are still being finalized and will be released soon. Fly into McCarran International Airport (LAS).
Can Anyone Attend This Event?
Yes, if you are (or want to be) successful with women, then this LIVE event is for you!
Can I Bring My Friend, Wing, Wing Girl, or Girlfriend?
Because of our VERY limited seating, every person must purchase a ticket to get into the event.  
Can I Get A Refund If I Can't Attend?
We are not offering refunds or transfer of tickets. 
What Should I Wear?
The dress code is casual for the event. Our meeting room WILL be on the cool side, so plan accordingly and bring an additional sweater, wrap, or jacket. To save yourself time, however, we would recommend that you dress ready to go out to a Vegas nightclub (dress shirt, dark pants, dress shoes, etc.)
Any Other Questions?
Contact support@surgicalpickup.com
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